Verizon High Speed Internet in My Area

Verizon High Speed Internet is a digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet service offered by Verizon. Verizon High Speed Internet, also called DSL, uses traditional phone line to deliver broadband Internet access at home. It allows consumers to use their telephone and Internet service simultaneously over the same telephone line while benefiting from Internet connection speeds significantly faster than dial-up.

Verizon High Speed Internet Plans

Verizon high speed internet Plans Features
Verizon High Speed Internet
  • 0.5 to 1.0 Mbps download speed
  • $19.99/month
  • For 1 yr. plus taxes & fees. Speeds .5 to 1 Mbps. Verizon home phone service required.
Verizon High Speed Internet Enhanced
  • Speeds 1.1-3 Mbps, 3.1-7 Mbps, and 7.1-15 Mbps.
  • $29.99/month
  • For 1 year plus taxes & fees. Verizon home phone service required.
Verizon FiOS Double Play
  • FiOS Quantum 50/50 Mbps Internet
  • Staring with $50.00/month. For 13-24 months plus taxes & fees.
  • FiOS TV Local
Verizon FiOS Internet
  • FiOS Quantum 25/25 Mbps Internet
  • Staring with $54.99/month. For 2 yrs. plus taxes, equip. charges & other fees with 2-yr. agmt.